Brandon Jones in Pretty Little Liars

Brandon Jones is one hot stud and you can see that in the episode of “Pretty Little Liars” he and Troian Bellisario are playing a game. Whoever tells the wrong answer he has to remove one piece of their clothing. Brandon is losing as you can see, he is only wearing his boxers and his gorgeous muscular body is exposed on the camera and we get to enjoy in him.

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Wladimir Klitschko caught shirtless in Miami

The Ukrainian boxer and heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko is enjoying his days off in Miami on the beach surfing. On these pictures, you can see how hot he really is and how a good looking dude he is without the bruises. His body just simply shines in the Florida sun and we are glad that we have a macho man like him on our website to tickle our imagination.

Brian Austin Green totally naked in Wedding Band

Brian Austin Green and his band in the “Wedding band”, are singing and playing a song completely naked. Not only them, but everyone is there naked. Besides the guitar and his black guitar, there is nothing that hides Brian’s hot body. With his tattoos and black glasses, he is on hot desirable man. We are glad that we have this video of him where he showcases his talent in singing.

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Ed Speleers paparazzi shirtless shots

Paparazzi caught Ed Speleers on the beach in his skinny small pink shorts. And we have to question his sexuality after seeing him in these pink shorts. He had a main role in “Eragon” in 2006 and since then he is showing off his body wherever he can and is looking for a job. Still, this young hunk is a desirable guy, with his blonde hair and cute face.

Dwayne Johnson shirtless on the ring

WWE star and now creating a name for himself in the Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson is the perfect man. Take a look at his body physique and his clean head. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson loves showing off his strength and athletic skill in the ring. He never runs away from a fight. With his 44 years, he is still one good looking stud and we like having him here on gay-male-celebs.