Christian Slater in The Forgotten

Notwithstanding age, drug addiction and problems with law the 40- year old Hollywood male celebrity Christian Slater is in the very prime of his life. Due to his love to sport he is in good shape and moreover looks even hotter than at the very beginning of his career. His half-naked body one of the scenes in “The Forgotten” series is a good proof to that is. Hefty arms, flat tummy, perfect posture and fascinating smile of this sexy actor still cast a spell over millions of viewers all over the world.

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Hugh Jackman Shirtless In Brazil On January 2010

We again caught up with the X-men superstar Hugh Jackman on his holiday in Brazil. With his gorgeous wide shoulders and hairy chest, he may be every man’s dream to be around him just for a few seconds. There are pictures of him in the hotel pool and his body completely wet and before he jumped into the pool he stripped off a tight shirt from his sexy body.

Andrew Shaver and Adam Kosh in Les Pieds Dans La Vide

Definitely, 2009 has been a great year for the admirers of the talents – and assets! Of two extremely hot Canadian actors Andrew Shaver and Adam Kosh who teamed up to provide some serious eye candy in a scandalous gay movie Les Pieds Dans La Vide. The movie abounds in romantic scenes, but what we absolutely love about it is the swell glut of male celebrity nudity scenes with the two hunks that seem to be too busy kissing and touching each other’s gorgeous bodies to even mind the cameras. Whoa, you do you guys reckon that the passion might have leaked out of the movie plot and into the real life?

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Derek Magyar in Train

Unmatched Derek Magyar and his stunning abs are all featured in one of the most tightly action-packed movies of 2008, Train. Well, as the leitmotif of the narration unrolls in dazzling succession, we cannot help but admire the immaculate form in which Derek appears to maintain his body. Nude male celebs brought to you by our website are always neat and well groomed, but even the prompt readers of our feeds will agree that they have not seen anyone that hot in months – just check out those juicy ass cheeks to see what the fuss is all about!

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William Miller in Rottweiler

A hilariously talented and incredibly sexy British actor William Miller shines in his role of an escaped prisoner with exotic name Dante to match his exotic appearance. More than persuasive in his role, William cannot refrain from showing off what he’s got under his robe. And as you can easily guess those are absolutely irresistible six-pack abs and then some eye candies to top up the overall pleasure of seeing this stunning celebrity becoming a juicy trophy in our gay celebs hunt!

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Ben Price in Flyfishing

Ben Price is one of the hottest disputed gay celebs that you are likely to find on web. And we’ve found something truly earthy on this soft-looking sweet-smelling boy toy this time! Check it out in an explicit gay nudity scene that happens between Ben and his sexy movie partner. The pair of those nude male celebs start off with cooking some hot stuff in the kitchen while passionately kissing and touching each other’s bodies, tearing off the clothes from each other. You can bet your boots that the dish is going to pan out to be spicy and done to a turn!

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Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in The Tudors

We at Nude Male Celebs have always been fascinated by the professional activities of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. A soap celeb with scandalous reputation, Jonathan stars in The Tudors regularly bringing us fresh male celeb nudity scenes to drool over! We cannot help but admire his immaculate form and we love seeing him in sexy scenes packed inside the exciting TV show that never leaves the hunters of nude male celebs’ dicks and asses craving for more. Stealing the show, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers shows both!

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Zach Cregger in Miss March

Perhaps one of the craziest teen movies of the last year, Miss March offers none too few eye candies for every nude male celeb fan. Incredibly hot Zach Cregger is going to reveal much more than his desire to win back his school love – watch him showing off the pair of his mouthwatering ass cheeks as he makes his escape from the hospital!

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Nick Zano in The Final Destination

Nick Zano shines in one of his first stardom roles in The Final Destination blockbuster – to learn why the movie has been such a great success please check out the stills we have posted on our Gay Male Celebs site! The mouthwatering scenes with hot Nick Zano chilling out by the poolside will leave little space for your imagination – not with those skinny swimming trunks that this almost nude male celeb is wearing in style!

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Russell Tovey in Being Human

Russell Tovey literally oozes sex appeal while discovering himself all nude and distressed in a secluded tree-planting area of the city after his nightly prowl. Well, we cannot let any nude male celebrity escape our intent attention, and the pair of those firm celebrity buttocks has every chance to become a true hit with our subscribers! Check out the splendid movie stills with sexy Russell Trovey seeking his human identity!

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David Faustino in Star-ving

Dropping the pretences of political correctness we only win when there is stunning David Faustino filling this gap. Smooth and stylish, this heartbreaker offers quite a show with his scandalous nude appearance in one of the episodes of Star-ving TV series. Caught in a craze, sweating and screaming, David looks like a million dollar trooper exposing his six-pack celebrity abs and immaculately shaped buttocks!

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Sergio Almazan and Cristhian Rodriguez in Bramadero

Sergio Almazan and Cristhian Rodriguez have gone beyond themselves to create a gay celeb sex scene suffuse with passion and eroticism. Like any other art house movie, Bramadero is not restricted in its visual effects, totally brushing away the moral aspects and false chastity! Celebrity dick, gay lovemaking scenes and gay celebrity blowjobs is what you can find packed inside this post!

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Jason Statham caught sunbathing shirtless

A male celebrity whose virility can never be doubted is still one spectacular view to look at – naturally, we are talking of gorgeous Jason Statham now. The Hollywood’s most wanted crank, Jason has been recently photographed chilling out on his yacht and sunbathing shirtless while attracting too much paparazzi attention for totally comprehensible reasons. And now you can be the eye witness for the perfection of Statham’s form at our gay male celeb venue!

Yousef Joe Sweid and Ohad Knoller in The Bubble

If you are looking for more than nude male celeb slather, we strongly recommend you paying extra attention to this post infused with exotic gay lovemaking routine with the backdrop of Israeli cityscape to pepper the ragout. Plenty of celebrity cock and ass candies topped with hardcore gay sex scenes will keep you totally happy as you look through the mouthwatering movie stills inside this post!

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Orlando Bloom caught by paparazzi

Totally hilarious in his perpetual sexy elvishness, Orlando Bloom shines on his male celebrity glamour anywhere he goes – this time the toy boy actor was photographed shirtless on the board of his yacht, taking some sun baths and working out with dumbbells. Gee, does that dude ever take some rest from getting better? Or can he actually look any better than he does now? Have your say after seeing the nude male celeb pictures inside!

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