Gerard Butler Caught By Paparazzi Shirtless

Gerard Butler nude beach pics

Gerard Butler was just emerging from the sea when he was photographed by the paparazzi. Well, this Scottish actor undoubtedly hides a rather large cock under his blue swimming trunks, as evidenced by the large bulge. Also Gerard Butler’s nude torso looks pretty powerful. In particular, his hairy chest with cute little nipples looked hot.

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Gerard Butler Shirtless Beach Photos

Gerard Butler naked beach pics

It seems that the Scottish actor Gerard Butler will not be able to hide anywhere from the paparazzi. For example, they managed to catch this male celebrity on the beach. As it should be, Gerard Butler was shirtless, flaunting his nude hairy chest with small nipples. The actor was wearing cute multi-colored swimming trunks under which his juicy cock and awesome bum were hidden.

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Gerard Butler Nude Cock Scenes In Mrs Brown

Gerard Butler nude cock

Scottish actor Gerard Butler is often seen in nude movie scenes. No exception was the film Mrs Brown (1997). There, this nude male celebrity decides to swim in the sea with his friend. It is a great pleasure to watch a sweet couple of naked guys run into the sea, taking off their clothes on the go. And most importantly, you can even see Gerard Butler’s nude dick and ass when he runs!

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Gerard Butler Paparazzi Huge Bulge Shots

Gerard Butler nude

Paparazzi never sleep, or there is some other explanation about how they manage to get all the cool stuff, like these photos of Gerard Butler with a bulge between his legs, while he was getting ready for a surfing session. This Scottish actor, singer and musician has finished the law school, so let’s try not to drool now. We can wish to be on the beach when he shows up.

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Gerard Butler paparazzi shirtless shots

Gerard Butler is a known Hollywood hunk whom you can only dream of seeing in a casual and laid-back atmosphere of his private like. Well, if you wished upon a star to spot this male celeb nude you can count on half of your wish to have become true – just check out an appetizing series of paparazzi shots with shirtless Gerard Butler chilling out on a beach in sexy briefs!

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