Kris Allen paparazzi shirtless shots

Actor, singer, multi-performer, Kris Allen is best known for his performance in the 8th season of American Idol and the winning it. Kris Allen is caught by the paparazzi shirtless in a private pool. Take a look at these pictures and admire his cute face and breathtaking smile and his white teeth can seduce anyone. But that’s not all, also look at his ripped muscular chest and firm body.

Hartnett Josh in I Come With the Rain

Hartnett Josh had an amazing performance in the “I Come with the Rain” from 2009 thriller where he played an ex-Los Angeles cop. This handsome guy always had our attention with his slim athletic body and wit his black hair. In the movie, he wakes up to a phone call, shirtless, and we get to see multiple scenes where he has nothing on himself and exposing his naked chest.

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Jon Bon Jovi sunbathes on a beach

There is no need of introduction of our next hot male celebrity, it’s the one and only Jon Bon Jovi the multi-talented singer with amazing hits. We caught him sunbathing on a beach and took some hot pictures of him half naked. We wouldn’t mind being alone in a room with him touching and caressing his muscular body and hairy chest and kissing his tattoos on his shoulders.

Matt Ballin in Gods Of Football

The Australian professional rugby league player and male celebrity Matt Ballin took part in the “Gods of football” show. Dozens of sexy athletes took their uniforms off and posed for the camera, showing of their outstanding parts of the body: muscled arms, pumped legs, six-pack abs, broad chests and backs and of course extraordinary, tough and savory buttocks. Well, for the note, these DVDs were sold out almost in the first week. And there is no any surprise why.

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Steve Zahn in Sunshine Cleaning

Ours favorite comedian Steve Zahn didn’t leave us without smiles on our faces in any of his movies. But now in “Sunshine Cleaning” from 2008 he gave us another kind of smile. After a sex scene, he stands off from the bed and he starts pulling up his pants and while he was pulling them up we got to see his nice firm tushy and his buffed up shoulders.

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Paul Rudd and Christopher Meloni in Wet Hot American Summer

The “Wet hot American summer” is a romantic comedy that is by the way enriched by numerous endless parties, sex scenes, gay kisses and male nudity. The famous American male celebs Paul Rudd and Christopher Meloni, who played the leading roles, knew how to make the onlookers of the old comedy laugh, when one by one appeared on the screen with naked bottoms, either running back and forth or mending a shelf. And of course the main attention has to be chained to the various jokes of the movie.

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Leonardo DiCaprio in Total Eclipse

Leonardo DiCaprio had a really big amount of Hollywood blockbusters and he played his every role with serious dedication since his younger days. He never ran away from any task that was thrown at him and that’s why he won the Oscars this year as the best male performer. In “Total Eclipse” from 1995 as a young male actor, accepted with the greatest seriousness the act of kissing another guy.

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Mike Weerts in Voetbalvrouwen

The 2010 Holland’s series “Voetbalvrouwen” is extremely enriched by hot and handsome men, one of which is Mike Weerts, the hot Netherlandish male celebrity. Showing male nudity is not an exception: there he is taking a shower with other sexy men, generously exposing their wet lathery pumped bodies, perfect suntans, salivating bottoms, flat chests and sinewed arms and engaging in an easy conversation.

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Anthony Harrell Home Movie

He was a teen sensation in the TV show “Saved by the Bell” and he didn’t really have any major role, but he kept us intrigued by his most recent home video. He decided to share with us and you how he likes to grab his pecker. He stood in from of the mirror and grabbed his dick and pulled it out to play with him while filming.

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Aaron McCusker in Shameless

One of the funniest scenes of the British TV series “Shameless” shows you three men pulling their pipes in different places: toilet, car and kitchen. The Northern Irish male celebrity also appears here, putting his young round buttocks in the window, and after that charming the audience with his sexy Irish accent. Moreover you can even see at a glimpse his hairy celebrity balls. But for that you have to watch the series very carefully over and over again.

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Adam Thomas in Emmerdale

Youn actor Adam Thomas has a role in a TV Show “Emmerdale” which is still running since the 1972 and Adam had a role of Adam Barton in the show. As a gorgeous looking young stud he clearly has the attention of teenage girls and boys with his cute face and fresh teen body he is a real sweetheart. Just imagine hanging out with a hunk like him.

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Michael Molina and J. Matthew Miller in Two Minutes Later

The 2007 thriller “Two minutes later” tells us the story of a unconventional couple: a lesbian detective and a gay guy, played by Michael Molina. This little-known, but rather hot actor, who by the way depicts the gay twins, shows his sexy nude celebrity body more than once. Seeing his athletic figure, smooth and soft butt and manly six-pack abs make the audience brighten with pleasure. We’re only looking forward to new works of this Adonis.

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Antonio Sabato Jr. and David Sutcliffe in Testosterone

Antonio Sabato Jr. and his colleague David Sutcliffe acted out a really well-played performance in the comedy-drama “Testosterone” from 2003. These two hot studs played lovers in this romantic movie and they engaged on each other a few times. We’ll point out just a couple of them. When David is alone in the shower and when Antonio gets out from the bed with David and reveals his big manhood.

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J. Matthew Miller Open Cam in shower

In the comedy-drama movie “Open Cam” from 2005 we get to see one hot stud, who is unknown to the mainstream audience having a solo scene under the shower. His name is J. Matthew Miller and he is completely naked in the shower and we get to see and enjoy his young muscular body with soft skin and his circumcised penis hanging with his firm ball sack.

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