Christopher Meloni Nude Butt Outdoors

Christopher Meloni nude

An American actor Christopher Meloni recently found himself in a pretty piquant situation. Handsome was seen on the street when he walked flaunting his naked awesome booty. Of course the star in such look could not stay without attention for a long time, he was caught and bent down putting in a very clear pose. We don’t know what motivated him to such an act but it was really seductive and hot!

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Paul Rudd and Christopher Meloni in Wet Hot American Summer

The “Wet hot American summer” is a romantic comedy that is by the way enriched by numerous endless parties, sex scenes, gay kisses and male nudity. The famous American male celebs Paul Rudd and Christopher Meloni, who played the leading roles, knew how to make the onlookers of the old comedy laugh, when one by one appeared on the screen with naked bottoms, either running back and forth or mending a shelf. And of course the main attention has to be chained to the various jokes of the movie.

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