Alexis Michalik in Far West

Alexis Michalik like a real bad ass in the “Far West” walks out of the house butt naked and he slow walks to a big tanker filled with water and we get to see his muscles as he moves his legs and squeezing his butt cheeks. He walks to the tanker takes his shotgun and shoots in it creating a hole and the water starts leaking out he washes himself.

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Antonio Wannek absolutely naked in As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me (2001)

German drama about Soviet prison Gulag and with Antonio Wannek being forced to remove all of his clothes in front of the prisoners on the blistering cold is a cruel act, we know that acting this out couldn’t be easy for him but we are glad he did it because we have another male celeb on our site with whom we can enjoy and admire his sexy body.

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Craig David caught by paparazzi shirtless

English pop star and singer Craig David has been caught by the paparazzi in the streets running without a shirt on and listening to music and showing off his muscular body. Later that day we have pictures of him doing some strange things to the plant holder. None the less his body looks amazing, just check out the photos of him running and the sweat pouring down his hot body.

Oliver Boysen flashes tight ass in a bath

Oliver Boysen in the late night movie on the German channel RTL he is taking a bath in a strange green substance and he is completely naked. When he stands up at his colleague actor he unveils his tight ass to the camera but his pecker stays hidden on the other side and we didn’t get a glimpse of that. But his tight and slim ass is enough for us.

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Michael Cohen totally naked in a shower

Michael Cohen gets completely naked under the shower in this French drama movie and we get to see his young slim and tight body as he walks up the shower and when he lifts up his leg to enter the shower and squeezing his but cheeks while entering. That’s gladly not the only scene with him when he is completely naked, check him out showering with a bunch of dudes.

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