Jon Hamm does not wear panties

American actor and producer Jon Hamm is caught by the paparazzi walking in New York with his wife. It wouldn’t be strange and unusual until we noticed that his is not wearing underwear! In his tight gray pants, you can clearly see his dick outline. We are surprised that his dick is so big, we imagined it would be smaller, we don’t even know why. His dick looks awesome!

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Ashton Kutcher & Jon Cryer in Two and a Half Men

Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer are having a hangover in “Two and a Half Man”. In this funny moment and scene where they both wake up and see a party going on in their house and have no clue why they just go with the flow. Ashton is a handsome young actor with his cute hairstyle and in boxers, he is a desirable man for every gay dude.

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Breckin Meyer is shirtless beach stud

Breckin Meyer is an American actor, comedian and producer he had some good roles in comedy movies and bigger projects. We have pictures of him shirtless with his buddy going surfing. He keeps his body in good shape all the time and you can see that. He is going to the gym but not forcing his muscles too much just the way we like it, he looks excellent.

Ryan McIntyre in Shameless

The comedy TV show “Shameless” is full of funny and naked scenes. Ryan McIntyre is playing a naked guy who wants to have sex with a Latina girl. She is throwing him out of the apartment completely naked and we are happy to see him walk with his dick out. When he sees another guy in the apartment, he covers up his junk, but it’s too late now, we saw everything.

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Zach McGowan in leather thong in Shameless

Zach McGowan is clearly a crazy dude and he likes to play crazy characters in the movies and TV shows. In the “Shameless” he is naked in a hot leather thong adjusting a rope to hand himself while having sex, this guy is sex crazed. In another scene, a girl walks on him while he is blowing himself. We didn’t know it was possible but Zach just showed us how to.

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Justin Bieber shirtless and flashing his underwear

Justin Bieber has always surrounded with controversy. And this time, as he was walking in the hotel he was shirtless and his pants half down on his butt. He looks like he doesn’t know how to walk and he is hunched. But we still got to enjoy his teen muscular body and his hot Calvin Klein underwear hiding his most precious belongings and squeezing his butt just enough.

Cameron Monaghan in sex scene from Shameless

Cameron Monaghan likes having gay sex on the camera. In another episode of “Shameless”, he and his gay partner under the crowds stand and Cameron is pounding this hot Asian teenage hunk hard in his butt in standing position. Cameron grew up into a hot young lad. Maybe it will turn out he is a hidden gay, that won’t surprise us after scenes like this where he enjoys himself.

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