Michael B. Jordan Shirtless & Sexy In Just Mercy

Michael B Jordan naked

Wow, the movie Just Mercy is going to be very hot! Of course, Michael B. Jordan will show his nude chest there! In one scene, this American actor will need to strip in front of a police officer. And for the viewer, this will be a great opportunity to admire Michael B. Jordan wide chest with small nipples and great abs! It is a pity, of course, that in this movie we will not see Michael B. Jordan completely nude, but this is definitely waiting for us in the near future!

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Ed Westwick Shirtless Underwear Dance In White Gold

Ed Westwick naked video

Ed Westwick, who is remembered by everyone thanks to the TV series Gossip Girl, danced an amazing dance in White Gold. And while Ed Westwick was not completely nude, he still looked amazing! The actor was wearing only small red panties, which perfectly accentuated his big bulge. Also, the panties fit well his elastic ass, which he shook during the dance. By the way, it is worth paying attention to his wide hairy chest, as well as excellent abs, which he boasted.

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Dustin Johnson Sunbathing Shirtless On A Beach

Dustin Johnson nude photos

American professional golfer Dustin Johnson has a gorgeous male figure. That is why the paparazzi are following this handsome man everywhere. So, this shirtless male celebrity was spotted on the beach. For example, they managed to photograph Dustin Johnson nude hairy chest as he emerged from the water. He was wearing only light wet swimming trunks that fit his penis. Uh, his bulge seemed so big at that moment!

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Gerard Butler Shirtless Beach Photos

Gerard Butler naked beach pics

It seems that the Scottish actor Gerard Butler will not be able to hide anywhere from the paparazzi. For example, they managed to catch this male celebrity on the beach. As it should be, Gerard Butler was shirtless, flaunting his nude hairy chest with small nipples. The actor was wearing cute multi-colored swimming trunks under which his juicy cock and awesome bum were hidden.

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Jack Black Nude Gay Sex In The D Train (Bad Bromance)

Jack Black gay sex scenes

American actor Jack Black decided to tease his fans by appearing nude in The D Train (Bad Bromance). This guy showed off his chubby buttocks as he stepped out of the shower and even striptease in front of his mistress. Jack Black also played well in the nude gay sex scene in the film. At first, he was kissing a guy, and then ended up in the same bed with him. This actor is full of surprises, isn’t he?

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Nude Penis In Tangled

Jonathan Rhys Meyers nude cock

Irish film actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers played completely nude in the thriller Tangled. In one scene, this hot guy has to be photographed in front of the camera lens, and first he does it shirtless. However, a little later, Jonathan Rhys Meyers will take off his burgundy pants and show off his huge nude cock. It looks like his wonderful penis made an indelible impression on the girl. After all, she did not even resist when this hunk pulled her to him and began to kiss passionately.

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Ben Affleck Nude Cock And Sexy In Gone Girl

Ben Affleck nude cock

You should definitely see Ben Affleck nude dick in Gone Girl movie. Oh, this nude male celeb looked very sexy, walking into the shower with a girl. At this moment, viewers could admire both Ben Affleck’s tight naked bum and his broad muscular chest. But of course, the huge juicy cock of this American actor, which was clearly visible through the transparent shower door, deserves special attention.

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Charlie Hunnam Nude In True History of the Kelly Gang

Charlie Hunnam nude penis

Charlie Hunnam has appeared completely nude in True History of the Kelly Gang! First, you can see this handsome naked man in a sex scene on the bed. And then he has to get up, and you can see his gorgeous muscular chest and wonderful abs. Charlie Hunnam will cover his nude dick with his hand. However, when the boy shoots him with a pistol, Charlie Hunnam will at some point show her wonderful nude ass while lying on the bed.

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Mark Ruffalo Nude & Gay Sex In The Normal Heart

Mark Ruffalo gay sex video

You will surely get horny watching The Normal Heart movie, which is full of hot gay scenes. Also, Mark Ruffalo played completely nude there! It turns out he can be so wild and passionate! For example, Mark Ruffalo without hesitation pushed the guy against the wall and fucked his nude ass. You could also admire how he hotly fucks with a guy in bed. And you can also see Mark Ruffalo’s nude bum when he takes a shower.

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