Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser Nude Scene in School Ties

Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser and Chris O’Donnell Nude

You probably imagined many times to see Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser or Chris Odonnell nude. But have you imagined these three hot hunks being nude together?! Just as we thought, you didn’t! But these guys were nude in one scene within School Ties movie. They were under the shower as their ass cheeks are seen as well as their hot bodies! They even got into a fight naked under shower!

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Matt Damon and Brendan Nude Fraser in School Ties

The sexy male celebs Chris O’Donnell, Matt Damon and Brandon Fraser starred together in the 1992 drama “School ties” that touches upon the problem of rivalry between boys and antisemitism. What a successful selection of actors! There is a rare movie where you can see a whole bunch of hot celebrities therewith shown nude, while taking a shower, talking and fighting. These actors do have something to show except their acting talent! Their young and delicious butts are really worth a lot.

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Brendan Fraser Nude in The Passion of Darkly Moon

As a young stud, Brendan Fraser had a role in a mystery thriller called “The Passion of Darkly Moon”. He played there a troubled young guy with a sexual obsession towards a sexy Callie and he wanted to punish himself with flagellation for his desire, but not before he woke up in the early morning and as he stood in front of a window with his butt uncovered.

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