Dane Cook in Hawaii Five-0

In the crime series “Hawaii Five-0”, Dane Cook is out on the beach getting some nice suntan. You can notice how silky brown his skin is, his muscles are even more expressed with some color and the way the Sun is shining on them it creates an illusion with shadows that they look even bigger. Overall Dane is one hot hunk and we know we would hook up with him.

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Dane Cook in My Best Friends Girl

Dane Cook looks swell no matter how much clothing he wears, but what we stress is that he looks his best with as little clothes as possible. For one, there has never been a sexier scene than with this male celeb sweetie going nude in public, unzipping his fly and bringing his celebrity cock into view and brandishing it in the face of an elderly lady. Well now, there has never been more fun with a sexier Hollywood celeb involved, you can bet your boots to that!

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