Edward Norton Exposed His Celeb Cock in American History X

Edward Norton nude cock

Edward Norton was absolutely fantastic in his role in American History X. The shower scene was especially hot with many male celebrities nude. You should take a look at Edward Norton’s nude penis, which he carefully soaped while standing in the shower. Also, his firm buttocks could be clearly seen as he lay on the shower floor. This hunk showed off his amazing physique as he strutted around in his underwear at night. By the way, in one of the frames you can see not only Edward Norton’s nude torso but also part of his hairy pubis!

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Edward Norton Shirtless & Lost His ABS

Edward Norton nude

Oh, what an embarrassment happened recently with the American actor Edward Norton! The paparazzi managed to catch him when he was resting on his balcony and was shirtless. It seems that this handsome man has lost his amazing abs, and this of course is a little upsetting. But anyway, he looked very sexy, especially his wide chest absolutely did not lose its attractiveness and it looks breathtaking!

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