Jake Gyllenhaal Paparazzi Shirtless Beach Photos

Jake Gyllenhaal Nude
Mostly known as the star of Donnie Dark, Jake Gyllenhaal has since become one of the top Hollywood actors. For his role in boxing movie Southpaw he transformed himself into a muscle bound fighting machine and has managed to keep most of his physique as evident by these paparazzi beach pictures. He appeared shirtless in public and took a short stroll which was just enough for these images to be captures.

Jake Gyllenhaal Nude Jake Gyllenhaal Nude Jake Gyllenhaal Nude

Jake Gyllenhaal in Love and Other Drugs

Jake Gyllenhaal is a sex maniac in the movie “Love and Other Drugs”. As a real sex addict, he went on half of the movie naked. We can’t blame the director to put him in so many naked scenes since he is one good looking fellow. Also his manly physique… Oh boy, what we would like to do to this mean, or what we would let him do to us.

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Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead

Although “Jarhead” is a movie that depicts the Operation “Desert Storm”, love, friendship, sex and nudity still find their places there. Of course, plenty of male nudity attracts your attention and makes you wanna watch this film all over again. Even Jake Gillenhaal himself appears couple of times nude in this movie: first he is having sex with his girlfriend in a very interesting pose, then he’s shown taking a shower, and at last he is dancing absolutely naked but with a Santa-Claus hat on his celebrity dick.

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