Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried Leaked Nude Dick Selfie (The Fappening 2017)

Justin Long Nude
The Fappening has brought us many nude celebrity videos and images, but these pictures of Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried are some of the hottest. These young actors go out on their paddle boards and when they’re far away from prying eyes, Justin Long whips out his camera and starts filming Amanda as she leans in to suck his trimmed cock. As a little extra, there’s a topless underwear picture with the celebrity couple.

Justin Long Nude Justin Long Nude Justin Long Nude

Justin Long in Taking Chances

In an American comedy movie about the historic battlefield being turned into Indian casino, “Taking chances” is full of action. The action we are really interested in is the action with Justin Long. Justin Long lost his pants when jumping into the lake and now we have a chance to see his white booty when he turns around. And yes, his ass really is cute when he turns around.

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Justin Long in Going The Distance

Justin Long is playing Garret in a comedy-romance movie “Going the Distance” where he and his female partner Drew have the main roles. In a scene where he goes in the tanning room to get some tan and look more handsome for his tonight’s date. We think he is handsome like that. Look at those muscles when he squeezes his pecker and tries to hide his butt crack from the camera.

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