Patrick Dempsey Shirtless in Bridget Jones’s Baby

You probably know him as Dr. Sheppard from Grey’s Anatomy TV series. His real name is Patrick Dempsey and he had many roles outside of Grey’s Anatomy. The latest one is within Bridget Jones’s Baby. Within it he showed how handsome and sexy he is! As he had couple of scenes shirtless! He still has that charm and charisma which can make you fall for him over and over again!


Patrick Dempsey bulge

Handsome American actor Patrick Dempsey is up to no good again. Get ready for one of the best bulges when it comes to Hollywood celebrities. He just headed to a soccer game with a casual outfit and his bulge was showing so clearly. Check out these exclusive paparazzi photos and enjoy it. It’s always nice to see a middle aged dude in shape with a terrific bulge.

Andrew McCarthy, Patrick Dempsey & Kevin Dillon in College Boys

One of the “College boys” scenes shows us heaps of green young men who are standing totally naked in the college swimming pool, while their dressed as a monk teacher explains them the importance of sports. Young Andrew McCarthy appears as one of the really hot students with muscular bodies. It’s indisputable extremely fun to observe how a crowd of young nude male celebs with their juicy butts chaotically jump in the swimming pool, thereby demonstrating the audience their supple thighs.

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