Sam Heughan Nude in Outlander

Sam Heughan Nude

Outlander is a hit TV show staring Sam Heughan. It the latest episode of the show young Sam had to get completely naked in order to enjoy a sex scene with his fellow actress. The two embrace and kiss passionately while she grabs his hard cock and Sam just can’t seem to keep his hand off of her lovely tits. This sexy scene is sure to get your juices flowing.

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Martin Hutson and Sam Heughan in A Very British Sex Scandal

The 2007 drama “A Very British Sex Scandal” depicts the problem of the homosexuality, scandals concerning this problem, reconsideration and decriminalization of it. One the one hand it is a sob-story, on the other hand a very romantic and beautiful story about gay love. Martin Hutson and Sam Heughan, the players of the leading roles, make people stare when they appear in their common gay sex scene. The both male celebs are very tender to each other and demonstrate the real love, and it doesn’t matter that it is love between two men.

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