Edward Dalmas Nude Frontal In Altered Carbon

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We know Edward Dalmas thanks to films such as for Lisa at Large (2017) and Captain Sandy (2014). And not so long ago, he appeared in the series Altered Carbon. You will be delighted with his acting. Especially when you see that Edward Dalmas starred frontal nude in this series! Yes, you heard right, this hot guy decided to take off his pants and boast to the world witht his charms. So Edward Dalmas nude ass and his big dick will definitely make you dream about him all night!

IMDB: Edward Dalmas

Now, let’s take a closer look at the stills and the video with this male celebrity. Well, it’s worth noting that he looked gorgeous in a white jacket and black gloves. And look at his naked ass! Its juicy naked buns look breathtaking! But even more amazing are the frontal nude photos of Edward Dalmas. This male celeb proudly showed off his juicy cock with big shaved balls. And from such a hot sight it is impossible to look away!

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  1. it’s sad that that the truly gifted in the ass department rarely get into acting (I guess that’s because they dont have too) Honestly, I’m trying to think of the last GREAT ASS I saw on TV…Nathan fillion in Firefly. Jason Momoa in GOT. JVDB in bitch in apt 23. David Schwimmer in any before 2000. Where did they go? We know where….domesticated

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